Welcome to the Rousseau® Comparative Facing Charts. We think that these are the best saxophone mouthpiece facing charts that you are likely to find anywhere. Please feel free to print them out if you can use them. Remember that this chart is to be used as a rough guide only. Just because you’ve been playing one particular facing in the past doesn’t mean that that is the best size for you now. Please note: These charts are for comparison only! Actual Tip Openings may vary. In order to fit all this information conveniently in to one chart we may have occasionally moved other manufacturers sizes by 1/100mm or a thousandth of an inch. For each saxophone type you will find two charts; one for Classical and one for Jazz.


CLASSICAL = Classic R Series, Classic NC Series & Classic RC Series

Download a printable copy here!

Tip Openings in 1/100 mm and in Inches

NC5 = Most Popular Model

7R = Discontinued

JAZZ = JDX Series & Studio Jazz Series

Download a printable copy here!

Tip openings in thousandths of an inch

6 = Most Popular Model

Recommended for beginners and intermediate players

Most Popular – Recommended for most players

Recommended for professionals and advanced students