The Rousseau JDX Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece


MSRP: $370.00

Power and Edge with Massive Core and Bottom.

The JDX Baritone sax mouthpiece is brighter and has a stronger projection than the Rousseau Studio Jazz Series. The JDX features a unique wedged baffle that balances a stable sound with greater power, edge, and projection. Good response and an even scale in all registers. A full-sounding mouthpiece, with enough edge to “cut through” but enough warmth for sensitive ballad work. Comes with Rovner Ligature and Cap.

tip openings inches mm
JDX Baritone – 5 .100” 2.54
JDX Baritone – 6 .110” 2.79
JDX Baritone – 7 .115” 2.92
JDX Baritone – 8 .120” 3.05

★ = Most Popular

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