WHAT IS 6?’S (6 Questions)?

Whether you are University Professor, an avid amateur or a relative beginner, it can be difficult to know which Rousseau Mouthpiece is right for you. My experience as a player, teacher, and mouthpiece maker, helps me guide you through this confusing process.

The best saxophone mouthpiece for you is the one that feels the most comfortable and allows you to achieve the sound that you desire with the least amount of effort. This means choosing the best mouthpiece and the right facing for you. At any time during your visit to our website feel free to push the 6 Questions button.

Your answers to these 6 questions will help us recommend the best mouthpiece or mouthpieces for you to try. Our goal is to match you with the perfect mouthpiece. Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have. Let’s see if we can find your dream mouthpiece.


Jody Espina – President

JodyJazz/Chedeville/E. Rousseau