Next Generation State-Of-The-Art Classical Mouthpieces – Inspired by Eugene Rousseau.

Rousseau 50th Anniversary Logo

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, we are introducing the all new ER50 Series mouthpieces. The first new Rousseau mouthpiece models to be introduced in almost a decade, the new ER50 series features two new Alto Saxophone models, the ER50 Classic and the ER50 Custom. Both new models are made from start to finish at the JodyJazz factory in Savannah, GA.

The ER50 Classic and ER50 Custom mouthpieces are a celebration and culmination of Dr. Rousseau’s original design achievements in saxophone mouthpiece making. The ER50 Classic is a natural evolution of the popular NC4, whereas the ER50 Custom is for players who seek more resistance and a feeling of control associated with many of today’s popular Classical mouthpieces. Both models offer a warm timbre, ease of articulation, and improved low note response. Together we believe the new Rousseau ER50 series mouthpieces represent the state-of-the-art in Classical Saxophone Mouthpieces inspired by the great Eugene Rousseau.

What is the difference between the ER50 Classic and the ER50 Custom?

The basic difference is that the ER50 Custom has a shorter facing curve producing some resistance which some players prefer, which for them gives a response that produces enhanced control over articulation, altissimo and timbre. Other players prefer the classic facing curve of the ER50 Classic, which has a freer blowing, more open feel.


The ER50 Classic Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece is inspired by the Rousseau NC4 and has enhanced low note response, control, and beauty of tone. The ER50 Classic is perfect for performing in ensembles of any size as well as a soloist.

Kenneth Tse - ER50 Series

“With the renewed consistency, all the Rousseau mouthpieces are better than ever! The newly inspired ER50 Classic and ER50 Custom models are both outstanding. After playing the Rousseau 4R and later NC4 (which I love) for my entire career, I find the new ER50 Classic to have enhanced control on altissimo, the lower register and in fact, across the entire range. It still retains the tone and projection I love, with beautiful clarity of articulation. Both of these new models preserve the unique sound quality and essence that make the Rousseau mouthpieces so special, and I think they will fit all playing styles and preferences.”

Dr. Kenneth Tse
Professor of Saxophone
University of Iowa


The ER50 Custom Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece is inspired by the Rousseau NC4 but has increased resistance which allows for great control, especially in the altissimo register. The tonal stability and clarity that this mouthpiece provides is unmatched.

Rousseau Endorser - Stephen Page

“For more than twenty years, I have cultivated my artistic voice through E. Rousseau mouthpieces, and now with the new ER50 Custom, I have found the next step in its evolution. With a tone that is deep and warm, while flexible and full of life, alongside incredible response and articulation, the ER50 allows me to sculpt a sound that is well suited to any situation. This incredible new design is produced at the JodyJazz factory to exceptional standards and hand-finished using their superb proprietary Chedeville Rubber, ensuring superior quality and consistency, and by extension, reliability for the artist. As the next generation in mouthpieces by E. Rousseau, the ER50 delivers everything I have hoped for, and more!”

Dr. Stephen C. Page
Professor of Saxophone
University of Texas at Austin
Butler School of Music

Rousseau Endorser - Javier Valerio

“After using Rousseau Mouthpieces for many years, I find the new ER50 Classic and ER50 Custom inspired models to be very special. These mouthpieces, with their unique sound properties and acoustics, demonstrate the JodyJazz Factory’s growing desire to improve their products by keeping the essence and legacy of Rousseau Mouthpieces. These can instantly enhance color, sound production, articulation and assist in developing the technique by giving confidence in performance. The gold metal ring allows for a compact sound with greater depth and projection. After just a few days, I’ve noticed a significant difference in my playing comfort and durability. I highly recommend the ER50 Classic and ER50 Custom models to anyone  looking to improve their current play.”

“Después de usar las Boquillas Rousseau durante muchos años, encuentro que los nuevos modelos inspirados en ER50 Classic y ER50 Custom son muy especiales. Estas boquillas, con sus propiedades de sonido y acústica únicas, demuestran el creciente deseo de la Fábrica Jody Jazz de mejorar sus productos, manteniendo la esencia y el legado de las Boquillas Rousseau. Estas pueden mejorar instantáneamente el color, la producción de sonido, la articulación y ayudar a desarrollar su técnica al brindar confianza en la interpretación. El anillo de metal dorado permite un sonido compacto con mayor profundidad y proyección. Después de sólo unos días, noté una diferencia significativa en mi comodidad y durabilidad al tocar. Recomiendo positivamente los modelos ER50 Classic y ER50 Custom a cualquiera que busque mejorar su ejecución actual”.

Dr. Javier Valerio
Professor of Saxophone
University of Costa Rica