The Rousseau Classic R Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


MSRP: $195.00

The Original Rousseau since 1971 – Warm Dark Sound.

The Classic R Series Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece is the original E. Rousseau design, first introduced in 1971. When Dr. Rousseau couldn’t find any commercially available saxophone mouthpieces on the market to recommend to his classical students he decided to try and design his own mouthpiece. The R Series Saxophone mouthpieces were inspired by a mouthpiece that Marcel Mule gave Dr. Rousseau in 1961. The Classic R Series is designed to meet the needs of the serious classical performer. These mouthpieces provide a warm, centered tone, positive response, and powerful projection with medium resistance and solid control.

tip openings inches mm
Classic R Soprano – 3R .053” 1.35
Classic R Soprano – 4R .056” 1.42
Classic R Soprano – 5R .059” 1.50

★ = Most Popular


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