The Rousseau Studio Jazz Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


MSRP: $235.00

Serious Straight-Ahead Jazz Mouthpiece – Not too Dark, Not Too Bright – Just Right.

Provides good edge and power but remains consistent with a solid tonal center that has a lot of bottom in the tone. Good response with an even scale in all registers and easy to play. The Studio Jazz Series delivers great response in the low register when playing soft (full tone) and in subtone. Good intonation is essential in a Soprano saxophone mouthpiece and the Studio Jazz delivers excellent intonation across the range of the Soprano.

tip openings inches mm
Studio Jazz Soprano – 6 .063” 1.60
Studio Jazz Soprano – 7 .067” 1.70
Studio Jazz Soprano – 8 .071” 1.80

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